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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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new at 11:00 police have maiden rest in the death of a -- made an arrest in the death of a popular fashion designer. >> police found the body of 33- year-old sylvie cachay inside a famous new york city hotel last nile. they've arrested her boyfriend now, nicholas brooks, brittany brittany morehouse joins us
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live with the late. >> reporter: the man is charged with strangling his fashion designer girlfriend. a woman from mcclain who ma it big time in new york developing her own swimsuit line, sylvie cachay was dating nicholas brooks when she was found dead, said her mother sylvia. >> sylvie always wanted to help people, always, and she felt that she could change him. >> do you think he did it? >> i think so, yes. >> reporter: now brooks faces charges of attempted murder and strangulation after cachay's body was found in the threw so ho house club and hotel. she was wearing a black top and underwear with red marks around her neck and a bite mark on her hand. >> but nothing will bring back my baby girl. >> reporter: a girl who attended private schools, and
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then merry mount university in arlington. >> we take a lot of pride in her achievements. >> reporter: that light may have been extinguished by the 24-year-old son of joseph brooks who wrote "you light up my life." investigators took swabs from his fingernails and spent almost two days interrogating nicholas brooks. he told police that thursday around 11:00 a.m., he had left for drinks with friends and later returned to find police in the hotel. >> she was a baby. [ crying ] >> reporter: brooks '72-year- old father is awaiting trial in an unrelated case in charges that he raped 11 women. he says he has not talked with his son since the woman was found dead. brittany morehouse, 9news now. a missing girl from virginia. police say 12-year-old brittany smith has been found alive and well in california. you saw this story first as
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late breaking news at 7:00. officers also found jeffrey scott easley with that girl. the two hadn't been seen since december 3rd when they were cap sured at a wal-mart in salem. the 32-year-old was the live-in boyfriend of brittany's mother who was found dead on monday inside her home. police have not ruled the death a homicide or whether easley is a suspect at all. the girl told police she had no idea her mother had died. with house democrats in revolt over the tax cut deal with the republicans, the president tried to quiet the storm this afternoon. >> former president bulkiliton enlisted to sell the deal, but as gary reports, some local democrats are still upset with the current president's leadership. >> he needs to step up and lead, tell us what his vision is. >> reporter: it's not just that tax deal with republicans that has democrats upset. the administration is backing off the i legislation standards and backing off -- emission
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standards and backing off civil trials for guantanamo detainees. >> he promised to close down guantanamo and empower epa and make the tax code more equitable. when you put them together, at least the democrats and the house are feeling that there's an erosion of confidence. there's a sense that we don't know how strongly he feels about any of these issues really. >> reporter: as democrats try to kill the tax deal on the hill, the president tried to reassure his party with a tax deal judgment from bill clinton. >> the best bipartisan agreement we can reach to help the largest number of americans and to maximize this chances that the economic recovery will accelerate. >> reporter: but house democrats weren't in on that deal. >> the house democrats are the ones who have been with him now for two years on everything he wanted. and yet, they were
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marginalized. >> reporter: not good politics. >> all politics is ultimately personal. develop relationships, trust, loyalty. i think we've shown loyalty to the president, but it needs to be a twoway street. >> reporter: democrats who helped mr. obama win in 2008 may not work as hard in 2012. >> the more and more he compromises away our values, the more and more support he loses in terms of his ability to motivate the base and every election is is a base election. >> reporter: unhappy relations helped contribute to a primary challenge against jimmy carter in 1980 helps ronald reagan win big. no one is predicting a democratic primary challenge for mr. obama yet, but saying it out loud doesn't sound as absurd as it might have two weeks ago. anita. tonight the roads are clear of the white stuff, but this was the scene this morning in upper montgomery and frederick counties. police reported a number of accidents on interstates 70 and
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270. in myersville, the road glazed over almost instantly. wrecks along the interstates kept traffic at a standstill for much of the day. the 40,000 tanker overturned in the heart of frederick and emergency crews had to rescue the driver. >> i think it's very, very dangerous out here for this little bit of snow. >> highway workers scrambled to clear the roads, but there was no pretreatment in advance of the surprise storm. well, the flurries are one thing, but a dusting is another especially if this is the first one of the winter season. meteorologist tom saider is here to tell us if there's any more of the white stuff in time for us anytime soon. tom? >> derek, a white second half of the weekend. a couple of factors with today. yes, more than just flurries, two, the roads were not treated. even if they were treated a week ago, some residual salt or leftover chemicals would have helped. but the ground is freezing,
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anything that falls is pretty much going to stick. traffic creates a glaze. the clipper system into new england now. we are starting to see the cloud cover breakup and that means the temperatures will drop once again. you have to get back to the first day of december of the temperatures that were actually average. we've been unseasonably cold. again, tomorrow morning in the 20s, about 26 at reagan national. but tomorrow will be the best of the last seven days and the best of the next seven. winter storm in the forecast. i'll share more with about that in a few minutes. over to you. well, do you want your trees or do you want your lights? that's the uncomfortable choice pepco seems to be offering some residents as it makes good on promises to aggressively cut away branches that threaten power lines. in glen echo, homeowners say they're actually getting door hangers with a message from pepco. it says we're going to cut down the tree in your front lawn unless you tell us we should not. the council member said preventative medicine is a good thing, but this is getting
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ridiculous. >> they have concluded that's a threat to their wires and therefore, if you don't get back to them, based on this document, they will deem that consent to take out your tree. >> we had 83 poles that were snapped. they didn't snap by themselves. a tree from either out of the right of way or wherever the tree came from came down on our assets. >> pepco's regional president said the company is just trying to fend off future power outages like the ones that had everybody so furious over the summer. but it won't down whole trees without getting prior permission. from robbery to murder to a conviction. today is jury found 22-year-old jose portillo guilty in the killings of virginia and michael spevak. two other defendants had already pled guilty for their roles in the crime. tonight a former teacher is
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behind bars accused of sexually abusing a female student at centerville high school. police have charged brian white of hay market. the victim came forward to police this past summer. they've been investigating white since then. the 32-year-old is being held without bond in fairfax county. tonight, the man accused of kidnapping elizabeth smart now faces a lifetime behind bars. smart now 23 years old flanked by her family spoke of her relief now that the trial of brian david mitchell is over and done. >> justice can be served in america, but it is possible to move on after something terrible has happened and that we can speak out and we will be heard. >> it was pretty terrible all right. smart was just 14 years olds when she was taken from her ohm and held for nine months. she took the stand saying she was almost immediately forced
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into a polygamous marriage with mitchell. she was raped and she was drugged. today is jury found the 57-year- old guilty of kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor across state lines for purposes of illegal sex. sentencings is may 25th. in massachusetts, prosecutors say it's likely a teenager found mutilated fell from the sky after stowing away in a wheel well. police found tisdale's body last month. the 16-year-old is from north carolina and officers found sneakers and a shirt matching clothing his family said he had worn. his body was found 24 hours after he was last seen in charlotte. one more reason for kids not to play on the roof. see a misguided attempt at a flying sled. plus, here's a duel you never expected to see. a cowboy versus a runaway reindeer. that's coming up.
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tonight a service that reads newspapers and magazines to nearly 3,000 visually impaired and blind people throughout the d. c. metro area is in jeopardy. every morning, the "washington post" is read on the radio by volunteer readers from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. but now the metropolitan washington ear has lost its funding for the next year as part of budget cuts. it has received $50,000 from the district since it was founded back in 1974. >> this is something that really goes to the heart. you've taken away a part of my civil rights. what i really ought to be able to do in 2011. >> now in its place, a the district may contract with the national federation for the blind news line. seeming president clinton in the white house today may have brought back memories for
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you today, but for derek mcginty, it's a reminder of how different he is than the guy he has now. derek? >> ex-president bill clinton clearly, he never wanted to leave. now contrast that with president obama's often testy relations with the media. sure, he answers our questions, but he rarely seems to be enjoying himself. but here's where the differences between the two men can teach you something. president clinton is at heart a performer, a showman. he loves the big stage. we all know he knows how to work a crowd. you get the sense that president obama instead is actually sort of a private guy with very little patience for the superficial atmospherics that we americans really like to see from our commander-in- chief. i mean, hence the bizarre spectacle of president obama trying to look angry enough over the oil spill down in the gulf. problem is, when it comes the leadership, presentation really matters. we joke that president clinton could feel our pain, but what we really mean is he really seemed to care. so, while democrats clearly
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didn't like it much, it's a good thing to see president obama get all riled up about those tax cuts. or anything. caught on tape in russia, a high flying and death-defying act from the rooftop. oh my goodness. a group of youngsters thought it'd be a good idea to glide off the roof attached by nothing but a bungee cord. they're pretty high up as you can see. and despite the thrills involved, definitely not something to try at home or anywhere else for that matter. oh wow. also caught on tape in massachusetts, a store clerk sending off a machete wielding clerk with a feather -- knife with a feather duster. he pulled out the duster and flailed the handle at the man. it worked. he ended up running away, but not before swinging the machete a few times, taking out a chunk
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of the counter and sat forget glass, but -- shattering the glass, but nobody was hurt. a living nativity gone awry. a florida church wanted to make a camel part of the annual christmas pa i can't. unfortunately the -- pageant. unfortunately the camel wasn't interested. he was supposed to stop and kneel in the middle of the eye, but didn't want to go anywhere. the camel fell over on to the crowd. fortunately, nobody was hurt. okay, who do you call when rudolph is on the loose? in california, a cowboy turns out is your best best. it seems that a christmas tree lot thought it would be fun to bring in an actual reindeer to put on display, but it got out and started running all over a nearby neighborhood. that's when the cowboy came in. yes, we mean it. an actual cowboy including horse and they were able to
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wrangle the deer as you can see. he's fine. he's not hurt in the process. but the whole ordeal, well, it did create quite a holiday story for the neighborhood. >> we were setting up christmas light. >> we were actually in here and the next thing you know, a reindeer is coming down the street. >> toys and all. the owners moved the animal safely on to a trailer and that's where she i'm told -- it's a she spent the rest of the day eating and drinking water and resting up. you know christmas only a couple of weeks away. you may be wondering with the wide shots why all the toys in front of the desk, derek? >> we've teamed up with the marine corp. this year. >> now through december 22nd. go to for more information and click on toy drive 9. we have the marines with us here today and they are saying there's a dire need. they don't have the donations coming in so far they would hope for and expect. so even a small toy, new and unwrapped at a local fire
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station. >> very cool. and you've got good weather to shop for this weekend. >> oh boy. >> it depends on what you like. >> if you're shopping indoors. get into the mall and don't come out. >> you said tomorrow is going to be the best day in a while. it will be for the next seven days. >> only 45 or 46 degrees. it's going to get even colder folks after this weekend. colder than it was this week and just as windy if not windier believe it or not. this is some brutal stuff. too early for this. let's take a look. currently 33, we made it up to 38. it's not in the seven day forecast although some models speculate maybe we can get up there on sunday. but sunday looks to be quite wet. here's the outside story, one more cold night. cloud cover is breaking up. temperatures falling like a rock outside. but tomorrow, a little bit warmer. we will get into the 40s, mid 40s. maybe a 47-degree reading or 48. that would be seasonal for this time of year. and then, a cold rain is acoming into the area. it is going to begin as a
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little bit of freezing rain mixed with sleet, only briefly and then rain most of sunday. going to the redskins game, hopefully they can drum up a win to create more heat in the stadium. otherwise, nothing like watching a game playing poorly in the cold. then the coldsest air of the season. this one is the real mccoy. here's today's clipper, we have several obviously these every year. many times they come through just shift the winds and give us a few flurries, but a pocket of moisture in washington. frederick, carol, baltimore, really created some problems even out i-66 towards lynn don earlier today. cloud cover is breaking up. here's the forecast, partly cloudy in the morning. a chilly start because of the clearing. then the fog begins. winds are going to be light, not have them raking across the region just yet. tomorrow, 46, becoming cloudy late in the day, the numbers are nice, not going to be as cold as they were this morning in the teens, but notice the
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single digits. see the purple and now notice the white. this is a large core of very cold arctic airs that being sent to us with love from the canadians. it's all gets drawn down by the mechanics of the storm in the middle of the country. the blizzard watches in iowa and minnesota, the lake effect snow machine will kick in and this moisture to move in tomorrow. now depending on the timing, and how cold the air temperature is, i think as this moisture moves across the country, tomorrow looks nice. the best day of the bunch. then the clouds thicken. freezing rain and a little sleet overnight into sunday.  sunday, a cold rain. as the cold air wraps in back behind it, we'll see it switch over briefly to maybe some light snow. a dusting is possible in some grassy areas, but the bigger story is the cold and wind behind it. 46 for a high tomorrow. there sit, temperatures -- it is, temperatures dropping throughout the day. these are not typos, 28 for a high today. maybe we'll get to the freezing
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mark and then, we're stilt below average for the search day on the forecast. dave owens up next with sports so stick around. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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one thing the wizards don't need is a serious injury to john hall that keeps him -- wall that keeps him out long- term. a sprained foot has been the problem though. he thought he would play wednesday but then backed out not wanting to hurt it more. good news, john wall back tonight. bad news, amar'e stoudemire was there. losing his his mind up in here -- his mind up in here, up in here. he had 36 and 10. wall one handed slam. eight points in 37 minutes. wizards down five, wall trying to score, but stoudemire says access denied son, access denied. wizards lose their fourth in a row. the game was at verizon, but you couldn't tell by the crowd. >> they had a lot of new york people. you know, that's -- you know, they've always you know, they always travel well.
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no matter where they go at and they've got you know, a great fan base. >> it always happens when the knicks travel to here. you know, we still have to come to play. for the most part, we played hard and we fought hard. just made some mental mistakes that cost us the game. time for the prep high school basketball game of the week. stone bridge, playing a big football game tomorrow. their basketball fans logged on to get their hoop team featured tonight against the defending state champs potomac falls in the panthers' den. panthers ball movement though, check out gray graves to the chin. more from him in a second. bulldogs staying close with dunny. but keep your eye on the big guy, greg graves, he likes to dunk a lot.
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potomac win. >> we're trying to get better night in and night out. it's a challenge for us, a pretty good ball club. just trying not to get complacent. log on and vote for the game of the week starting monday. whoever gets the most voted will be featured on the friday sport cast. for 110 years, navy and army have battled on the gridiron. and lately the football games have been rather one sided. the naval academy, yeah, has one off eight straight wins against poor old west point. total domination by the middays, 89-6. but even an annapolis grad like myself can admit it's a special rivalry, one that transcends football and one that both sides can't wait to play it. check it out. >> this is the biggest game of my life. of all the football that i've played my whole life, you know, this is the last meaningful game. >> we're going to be one team at this end of this, but right
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now the rivalry is huge. >> it's a beautiful thing about this rivalry, it is easily the most intense, the most fiercely contested game between the white lines. >> no doubt about that. real quick, redskins and bucs on sunday. some good news from the park, terrain's hamstring is doing better and mike shanahan says he'll play barring a setback. he's been out since the detroit game. as if rudigers and landry, no decision on them yet. go navy, beat army. >> you know -- [ laughter ] on the redskins -- ryan terrain could have grown a hamstring in the amount of time that he's been out. i don't know what's going on. >> it's been a while. the detroit game. yeah. >> we'll be back. >> we'll be back.
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if you haven't yet, you need to find us on facebook. we're giving away an ipad on the facebook page. become a fan of and click the sweepstakes tab to enter. you have until next thursday and we'll announce the winner on december 20th on 9news now at 11:00. >> a lot of folks are excited about the ipad. that's 9news now now for tonight. letterman is next. have a good weekend. >> good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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